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Home Fragrance Oil

Concentrated Oils for Instant Scent Satisfaction.
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Ginger & Nutmeg Home Fragrance Oil

Smoky nutmeg. Warm cinnamon bark. Spiced vanilla.

Ginger Lime Home Fragrance Oil

Electrifying lime. Refreshing lemongrass. Zesty ginger.

Gingerbread Cake Home Fragrance Oil

Gingerbread Cake - By golly, be jolly all season long with the baked aromas of sweet cherry almond, wistful nutmeg and velvety vanilla wafting through the house.

Diamond-Light Sparkle Scentres™ are designed with our exclusive custom-made Diamond-Light™ glass.
Keeps on Going Scentres subtly scent an entire room for up to 30 days.
Ultimate Convenience Scentres are convenient and easy to pair with a Scentric unit.
Take it in Stride The Scentre fragrance bulb is threaded perfectly to fit your Scentric™ unit and is resistant to bumps.

Graple-Berry Home Fragrance Oil

Sophisticated grape. Luscious plum. Sweet vanilla.

Holiday Wreath Home Fragrance Oil

Fresh Siberian pine. Earthy balsam fir. Bright berries.

Honey Tobacco Home Fragrance Oil

Nostalgic tobacco leaf. Sultry vanilla. Exotic woods.

Hot Toddy Home Fragrance Oil

Hot Toddy - Sip on the comfort of Grandma's famous remedy with wild crab apple, herbal wormwood and warm cashmere.

Small but Mighty Our Home Fragrance Oil has the power to infuse the air with just a few drops in a Scent Cube or Oil Warner Adapter used with a Scent Pod® Warmer.
100% Pure Our Home Fragrance Oils contain nothing but pure fragrance oil.
You’re the Boss Customize your scent experience with the amount of oil that meets your scent expectations.
Tons of Variety With over 30 scents to choose from you’ll have a blast finding a favorite.

Indigo Wood Home Fragrance Oil

Refined tamarind. Luxurious jasmine. Peaceful myrrh.

Juniper Berries Home Fragrance Oil

Delicate hollyberry. Snowy spruce. Crisp balsam fir.

Lavender Chamomile Home Fragrance Oil

Relaxing essential oils of lavender, chamomile & Sandalwood.

Lemon Ice Home Fragrance Oil

Tart lemon. Cool orange. Rich vanilla ice cream.

Mango Cooler Home Fragrance Oil

Delicious mango. Exotic pineapple. Cool orange peel.

Maple Bark Home Fragrance Oil

Italian bergamot. Sugary maple tree sap. Raw nutmeg.

Pitanga Peach Home Fragrance Oil

Ripe peach. Nectarous papaya. Sweet pineapple.

Pomegranate Home Fragrance Oil

Fresh pomegranate. Ripe strawberry. Tart green apple.

PomLime Whirl Home Fragrance Oil (*)

Playful Kaffir lime. Whimsical pomegranate. Iced raspberry.

Pumpkin Berry Spice Cookie Home Fragrance Oil

Irresistible pumpkin. Comforting clove. Scrumptious berry.

Rainshower Home Fragrance Oil

Renewing ozone. Airy lily. Tranquil musk.

Salted Caramel Apple Home Fragrance Oil

Crisp apple. Gooey caramel. Divine cinnamon.

Sandalwood Jasmine Home Fragrance Oil

Passionate essential oils of sandalwood, jasmine & ylang ylang.

Sea Salt Vanilla Home Fragrance Oil

Dreamy vanilla. Exhilarating marine. Muted rose.

Sugar Cookie Home Fragrance Oil

Creamy butter. Sweet sugar. Smooth vanilla.

Sunflower Home Fragrance Oil

Bright sunflower. Blossoming rose. Nostalgic musk.

Sweet Pea Home Fragrance Oil

Ripened raspberry. Dreamy sweet pea. Blossoming lilies.

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